2009 Cabernet/Franc/Merlot - 125 dozen

Bouquet garni aromas with dense black fruits. Rich, powerful and aged for you.


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2014 Syrah - 140 dozen

A warm site, in a cool state produces Syrah with white pepper, cranberry and pomegranate.


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2013 Pinot Noir - 250 dozen

Pure ripe fruit from a perfect year. Opulent, fragrant, beguiling. French oak barriques.


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2013 Chardonnay - 250 dozen

Elegant, pristine grapes to wine. Wild yeast, lees stirred, French oak puncheons.


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2015 Pinot Gris - 83 dozen

Pear, Nashi, stonefruit and spice. Wild, voluptuous, heady and viscous.


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2015 Afterglow - 200 dozen

Field blend of Zinfandel and Pinot Noir berries.
Wild strawberries, musk and bubblegum.


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2014 Flowerdance - 150 dozen

Exotic field blend of Muller Thurgau, Brown Muscat and Traminer fermented together. Lychee, musk, flowers.


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