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Hi and welcome to the Marion’s Vineyard news page!
We have finally stepped into the real world of social media and the web. For many years we have had our heads in the topsoil paying much attention to the dirt, vines and health of our vineyard while our media health declined. But from the beginning of 2016 we want to share with you some of the great stories of our wines, vines and family news on our website and social media pages. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram on the links below to find out the nitty gritty on an old family business in northern Tasmania.

So who are we? Well, the vineyard was settled by Mark and Marion – two young hippies straight out of California and found in 1978. In those days the road down the front was dirt and well off the beaten track. There was a hand written for sale sign in the weeds and dead apple orchard a few meters from the wire fence. So they jumped the fence, walked to the tope of the hill and within moments had decided to move 14,000 kilometres to the other side of the world. Pioneering we call it. I’m really glad they did, Tasmania was and is a great place to grow up.
In January 1980 our family disembarked the S.S. Canberra in Sydney after a 6 week cruise from San Francisco. It happened to be the boat mum and dad met on and fell in love, so the signs were positive.

With two kids in tow, 5 and 4, we arrived in Tasmania with an old truck, some stuff and a lot of excitement.
Now 35 years later we are still here crafting a beautiful place. Its a different time now, there have been a few changes including changes of the guard which we are still going through.  Succession planning is now instigated and the kids, Cynthea (winemaker/manager) and Nick (functions and food) and their families will begin to take over management and let the older kids retire.

Marion’s Vineyard is now dressed with a fresh look, new branding, plans for a new cellar door, a food kitchen and some awesome upcoming events. If you haven’t been here, do come. Its a magical spot. If you have then you will know all the hard work which has gone into moving rocks around and looking after a big property on a steep incline.  There is hope on the horizon and we are so glad to be here.

Cheers Cynthea

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